An open response to “Dear OU (of Ohio)”

Read the article I’m responding to here. (For some reason my wordpress keeps adjusting the hyperlink’s web address, you can follow this link to find the article:

*Disclaimer: I harbor no animosity towards Miami University of Ohio.  I simply want to address some of the inaccuracies and unnecessarily rude comments within the mentioned article.

Dear “contributing Drunken Undergrad  writer” whom I cannot formally address due to a lack of signature on your piece,

To begin, you should probably know that this is not the first Green Beer Day that Ohio University has participated in.  Additionally, to address your comment referring to Ohio University as “a university on the decline,” Ohio University’s latest enrollment numbers reflect yet another year of record growth and Ohio University has recently opened yet another regional campus in Dublin, Ohio.  In the future, please do your research before making false statements on the internet due to a lack of informed research.

Secondly, Green Beer Day is the most insignificant of any of Ohio University’s spectacular social events.  Our local establishments holding the event is in no way meant to “compete” with the event at Miami in the eyes of the majority of our students.  Even if you were to compare the two, I can’t imagine any person who would prefer to spend their Green Beer Day amongst such catty and unpleasant individuals as yourself.

So please, for the sake of every student at your school, step off of your high horse and make some effort to stop perpetuating the stereotypes that have become known as the personality of Miami students; it’s really not fair to the abundance of intelligent and kind students who attend your school, several of whom I am close friends with.

You can have your Green Beer Day; we’ll keep the numerous other amazing events we get to experience with people who don’t make their goal in life to demean others for the sake of establishing a “superior reputation.”

If you ever feel like experiencing the goodness and glory that is a real party at Ohio University, feel free to stop by my “trailer,” my roommates and I would be happy to have you.


Amanda Hagley

Ohio University Senior



8 thoughts on “An open response to “Dear OU (of Ohio)”

  1. You realize that article was a direct response to the OU student paper directly saying “We do it better than Miami” yes? I hold no ill will towards OU beyond sporting events, but you can’t say “Oh, it’s a minor social event here, but we still do it better than Miami even though they created it.” and then say “How DARE you get upset about what we said?” So, it’s not like it was out of nowhere for the Drunken Undergrad writer to get upset about it. Maybe if it’s such a minor event at OU, they shouldn’t call out the place that has been doing it for 10 times as long as OU has been.

    1. If you really believe Miami invented green beer then you don’t deserve to live among the rest of us. Do us all a favor and stop sharing your opinions because everyone who read your comment is a little bit dumber for doing so. You embarrass everyone at your university and should pay for your crimes against intelligence. I hope you choke on a Lego.

  2. Also keep in mind that when OU was on quarters spring break was usually around the date of st paddy’s so we celebrated green beer day a week before so we could celebrate at school. It’s almost like any other Wednesday night out but everyone is dressed in green.

    1. Your comment actually addresses some of the issues with the version of GBD that OU celebrates. No Miami is not claiming that it invented green beer, the claim is that GBD is a Miami invention precisely for the reasons you stated of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at school. When Miami still had true semesters (before we had to shorten them and introduce J-term because we discovered that OU and OSU were in class for fewer hours after the conversion) spring break included March 17th so in order to celebrate green themed festivities GBD was introduced the Thursday before spring break. The comment that it is just like any other Wednesday proves that OU is not doing justice to GBD. This celebration in Oxford is an event of full-blown revelry that lasts 24+ hours and springboards into spring break. I will not suggest that the origional “fest” season in Athens is anything to scoff at, but I will suggest that in the future, before commenting on the traditions of another school, you either fully research the event or, better yet, experience the event for yourself. The only aspect of the origional “Dear OU” letter I will defend is the generic outrage the writer had towards the nonchalance regarding the event’s history displayed by the initial article. Amanda, author of the open response, I appreciate your handling of these issues for the most part, however if you would like to illustrate your respect for Miami students and alumni I would encourage you to avoid using the “of Ohio” tag as many alumni find it disrespectful to the history of the institution (a sentiment I hope you can respect as another university with a long history that shares part of its name with a bigger newer university).

      A more interesting and informative version of the origional article covering GBD would be an in depth look at the evolution of the event on both campuses comparing and contrasting the celebrations.

  3. Thanks for the disclaimer that not all Miami student are catty and stuck-up. It is much appreciated for those of us who aren’t that way!

  4. Its pathetic that these schools are having a fight over green beer and who has better parties, both authors are disgraces to what being a college student in america is about

    1. If you take a moment to reread my article, please note that my intent is not to “fight over who has better parties.” My response is meant to defend my university as an academic institution (in reply to being called “trashy” and “in decline”) and to express that I understand the fact that this is not the opinion of all Miami students. While there are some blogs that are aiming to fight about parties, that has not been the intent of this article.

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